LP2M Office, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta will invite and facilitate a number of visiting professors and researchers to teach, research, and share their academic experience. These professors and researchers are invited through the visiting professor and Research Fellowship program for a period of two weeks to three months during this year.

This was conveyed by the head of LP2M UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Arskal Salim GP MA to UIN News Online in his office, Thursday, (7/13). “There are several professors who have applied to participate in this program. Some of them are from Australia, USA, France, Russia, Canada, and the Middle East,” said Arskal.

He also added that these professors will be placed in each faculties according to his/her field of science. In addition to teaching and conducting a research, the professors are encouraged to provide discussions and training to the lecturer of each faculty.

“The main purpose it to teach, but the faculty should also give them an opportunity to give public lectures, articles writing workshops, be involved in international conferences where they can be speakers,” he advised.

According to LP2M data, some of the professors who signed up for the program are Razeen Sappideen and Carolyn Sappideen from Western Sydney University. They enrolled to the Faculty of Sharia and Law / Faculty of Economics and Business and the Faculty of Sharia and Law / Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Arafat Elashi from Sayyda Khadijah Deen Studies, Canada, to the Faculty of Islamic Theology / Faculty of Islamic  Studies, Norbani Ismail from George Town University, Washington, USA to the Faculty of Islamic Theology, Prof. Roselina Ahmad Saufy from UTM, Malaysia, for Faculty of Economics and Business. The Faculty of Islamic Theology also visited by Martha C. Beck from Lyon University.

Furthermore, Morales Yosif from Peace Violence & Terrorism Research, Philippines, to the Faculty of Literatureand Humanities / Faculty of Social and Political Sciences / Faculty of Da’wa and Communication Science, and Abd Aziz Munadil from Ibnu Thufail University, Morocco, to the Faculty of Islamic Studies.

While for research fellowship program, there are Octavio Paulo Vera Villagran from Universidad Del Bio-Bio, Brazil, and Jee Young Lee from Australia. If Octavio goes to Faculty Educational Sciences, Lee will go to the Faculty of Science and Technology.

Currently, some professors are still negotiating the schedule, but most of them are ready to come to UIN Jakarta. “Most of them are scheduled to arrive at late August because they will teach in September,” he explained.

Regarding the arrival of visiting professors and researchers from various universities around the world, Arskal hopes that lecturers and students will create long-term academic partnerships with the guest professors and researchers. “The intensity and closeness of fellow academicians, that is what we really expect,” he added. (usa)

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