Rectorate Building, NEWS UIN Online -UIN is currently preparing the publication of a friday sermon collection  titled ‘Islam Rahmatan Lil-‘alamin’. The sermon itself  is the result of cooperation agreement between UIN Jakarta and BNPT (National  Agency for Combating Terrorism) and done by the lecturers of UIN Jakarta. This was conveyed by Vice Rector of. Cooperation Prof Dr. Murodi M.Ag to NEWS UIN Online in the Rectorate Building, Tuesday (21/06).

Professor of Cultural History of Islam have said, the cooperation between UIN Jakarta and BNPT is to create as much as 58-60 sermons themed Islam Rahmatan lil’alamin by showing the moderation of Islam. The theme was selected as an effort to prevent  radical Islamist movements. “With the theme of sermons, we hope to encourage moderate Islam to remain strong and respectful according to the vision of Islam Rahmatan Lil ‘Alamin,” he said.

Murodi continued, In this program, UIN Jakarta will also involve the Indonesian Mosque Council and Indonesia Taklim Coordination Board. The preparation of the sermon itself are planned to be completed in this November.”The lecturers of UIN Jakarta are designated to contribute his ideas as the author,” he added.

For your information, BNPT will cooperate with universities such as UIN Jakarta to prevent terrorist activity. As the Institution of higher Islamic education, UIN Jakarta is trusted by BPNT to offers the complexion of moderate Islamic studies (Syarifaeni Fahdiah/Umar Syarif Audah)

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