Rectorate Building, UIN NEWS Online– To demonstrate the competitiveness between Community of Nature Lovers (NAC) at the top universities in Indonesia, KPA Arkadia (Arti Keagungan dan Keindahan Alam) UIN Jakarta will climb Mount Damavand in Iran.

This was conveyed by the Chairman of Arkadia Hasan Hadi Septian shortly before he meet the rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr. Dede Rosyada MA in the Rectorate Building, on Thursday (11.08.16).

“We want to show the top universities who had first set foot on the iceberg that KPA Arkadia UIN Jakarta also able of going international for the activities of the grand expedition,” said Hasan who usually called Sibon.

For the financing, he continued, we hope UIN Jakarta could be of much help because the expedition is dedicated to the commemoration of UIN Jakarta 60th Anniversary in the coming year. Furthermore, KPA Arkadia also has spread their proposals to private companies, state enterprises, ministries and related agencies.

He explained that Iran’s Mount Damavand chosen because of the close relationship between Indonesia and Iran in the cultural sector. These two countries often took turns holding cultural festivals in their respective countries.

“This is very helpful for our activities, and we also held an exhibition of Iranian culture. Besides, Damavand still unfamiliar among climbers, ” explained Hasan.

“They are more interested in conquering the Seven Summits (the highest mountains on the seven continents of the world -ed.). Mount Damavand as an uncommon destination will certainly lead to a lot of questions and curiosity of the Indonesian climbers. ” He added.

Meanwhile, the Rector of UIN Jakarta responded positively to these action plans and are ready to provide the required documentation in the form of the Statute of the UIN, accounts and a statement of support activities aimed Indonesian Rock Climbing Federation (FPTI).

“I strongly support this activity, especially devoted to the 60th anniversary of UIN. For funding, we will coordinate with the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. Please contact the Department of Rectorate Services regarding the necessary documents, “said Dede.

Adnan Sulistio from Faculty of Economics and Business will lead the expedition, and he will bring six personnel, five male, and one female.

“We are still in the stage of personnel selection, only then we announce the date of the departure,” said Hasan.

For information, KPA Arkadia is one of the student activity units specialized in nature expedition. Established on October 2, 1989, in Campus IAIN Jakarta pioneered by 13 campus activists are fond of outdoor activities and also concerned about the preservation of the environment. (mf)

Translated by: Rany Setyasari

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