Diorama, UIN NEWS Online – All waitress, security, and hygiene units and drivers of UIN Jakarta participate in coordination meetings. The meeting aims to improve service and performance, as well as to coordinate and find solutions to the constraints found in the field.

This was conveyed by AUK Bureau Chief Dr. H. Rudi Subiyantoro MPd to the NEWS UIN Online, shortly before giving a speech at the same time opening the meeting on Monday (03/26/2018), held at UIN Jakarta Diorama room.

In his speech, Rudi appealed to all employees who are in UIN Jakarta environment and in their main duty respectively, to constantly improve the professionalism and performance. It is delivered, given that there are only complaints and complaints about the discipline conducted by employees.

“The main tasks and functions that, is a mandate that must be executed as possible. If we are arbitrary to the mandate, we have automatically betrayed the trust of institutions and society in general, “said Rudi.

Still according to him, in carrying out the task, of course, employees must feel comfortable first. Therefore, employees are required to create comfort in place of her work.

Besides the Bureau Chief, in the same place also attended the Division Head of General Affairs of UIN Jakarta Encep Dimyati MA, and Sub-division head of Home Affairs Abdul Halim Mahmudi SHI.

In his presentation, Encep provides confirmation of what has been submitted by the Head of Bureau. He added that all employees who are in UIN Jakarta environment to always adhere to existing regulations, and carry out the tasks that have been given to him.

“We will call for anyone in this case an employee who violates the rules and code of conduct of this institution. In addition, we will also listen and accommodate complaints or obstacles faced by employees in the field. Thus, then we can find solutions together over the constraints faced,” explains Encep.

He added that the coordination meeting activities will be conducted regularly. The reason, it is done in an effort to optimize employee performance and minimize problems and obstacles that hamper the work of employees in the field.

From the monitoring of NEWS UIN Online in the conference room is seen, all employees of the section mentioned above so enthusiastic following the three-hour meeting. Not a few of them are asking questions and suggestions for the good name of UIN Jakarta. (usa-rs)

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