RSU, UIN News Online – In order to increase publication, socialization and information services regarding UIN Jakarta, website administrator team of UIN Jakarta organize an office meeting (RDK) at RSU, campus I of UIN Jakarta, Thursday (04/19/2018).

Present in the meeting, Vice Rector of Cooperation of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Murodi MA, AUK Bureau Chief Dr Rudi Subiyantoro, Sub-division head of Publication and Documentary UIN Jakarta Feni Arifiani MH.

Rudi in his remarks appreciated the meeting activities and hopes that all website administrators at both faculty and university level to optimize their website activity by updating its content, either in the form of strategic activities news in the faculty or by uploading lecturers’ work. “It requires performance synergies between faculty and university website administrators,” he said.

He also added that as a “role model” for other Islamic universities, UIN Jakarta should be able to give an example to other campus, such as by optimizing the publication. “Not only limited to the website content, but also through social media,” he added.

In line with Rudi, Vice Rector of Cooperation of UIN Jakarta said that all website administrators to constantly update the contents, both static and dynamic content periodically. “Each administrator should communicate in order to synchronize the publications in both university and faculty level,” he said. (usa)

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