AUK Meeting Room, UIN News Online – In order to increase academic publication, socialization and information services regarding UIN Jakarta, Pustipanda and webstie management team of UIN Jakarta organize an office meeting (RDK), held at AUK Meeting room, Thursday, (9/14/2017).

Present in the meeting, AUK Bureau Chief Dr Rudi Subiyantoro, Sub-division head of Documentation and Publication UIN Jakarta Feni Arifiani MH and head of Pustipanda UIN Jakarta Nashrul Hakiem, Ph.D.

In his remarks, Rudi appreciated the meeting activities and hoped that all UIN Jakarta’s website management team to improve their publications. If the team works optimally, then all publication in UIN Jakarta will get maximum results.

“Keep doing publicity, and look for new innovations for the development of the central and faculty website. Thus, the webometrics progress of UIN Jakarta will continue to increase,” said Rudi.

In the same occasion, the head of Pustipanda Nashrul Hakiem said that this meeting is a part of Pustipanda’s effort to find a collective solution for the problems and obstacles that already occurred.

“This activity is intended to improve our webometrics ranking and to encourage the achievement of the ideology of UIN Jakarta to gain an international recognition by optimizing the publication of scientific journals and research results,” said Nasrul.

In order to realize it, he added, it is necessary to increase the publication, socialization activities and indexed scientific journals.

In respose, sub-division head of documentation and publication UIN Jakarta Feni Arifiani MH hope that all website management team constantly update the contents, both static and dynamic content periodically. “It is intended to synchronize the publications in both center and faculties,” he said.

Based on UIN News Online observation, this meeting produces several important points, among them are; website management team is expected to periodically conduct data backup activities, it is intended that when a problem occurs on the website, the data can still be saved. Then, pustipanda team will optimize the internet network in some places, especially in UIN News Online office. (usa)

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