MORA Training Center, UIN News Online – In order to implement the Minister of Religion Regulation (PMA) No 12 of 2018, UIN Jakarta through the Department of Civil Service and Legislation (OKP) in collaboration with the Ministry of Religion Training Center held Technical Guidance (Bimtek) training on SOP Preparation and Minimum Service Standards (SKM) for employees for two days, Wednesday-Thursday, (09/12-13/2018), at the MORA Training Center (Pusdiklat Kemenag) Ciputat.

The Head of the Implementation Division of the Ministry of Religion’s Administrative Staff Training Drs Aden Dainuri MEd in his remarks said that the development of employees must consider the impact of its benefits on employees.

“The benefits must be clear to employees in order to improve their respective institutional services,” Aden said in front of all participants.

Such activities, continued Aden, belong to the category of employee development as the implementation of Permenpan RB No. 25 of 2016 concerning on  Positions for Civil Servants within government agencies and PMA No. 12 of 2018.

“In the PMA, it requires UIN Jakarta to make adjustments / changes to the Indonesian nomenclature, namely from the general functional position to the executive position,” Aden added.

On the same occasion, Head of Personnel Section of UIN Jakarta Ir Yarsi Berliyanti said that the event was carried out thanks to the collaboration with the Education and Training Center by inviting participants from representatives of faculties and units in the rectorate.

“The implementation of Bimtek for HR is limited to administrators not to bigger things,” Yarsi said.

Last year, she continued, OKP implemented Bimtek for all employees with sufficient funds available. This year, said Yarsi, the funds were reduced for simultaneous implementation for lecturers and administrators.

He added, there were two Technical Guidance Offices carried out simultaneously, namely the SOP and SPM Technical Guidance, which according to him was important because it became a basic competence as an employee. This activity continues to be repeated again for basic services.

“This activity is intended to improve service so that it can serve well because the services at UIN are different, there are students, teachers and lecturers. “It must be different in how to deal with it, which generally must be served well,” he said.

Yarsi hoped that the participants present would become SOP managers in their respective Satker to transfer their knowledge to others.

“From the results of this Bimtek, it is hoped that it can be monitored where our respective executive positions are heading,” said Yarsi. (usa)

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