LPM, UIN News Online – Three Study Programs that will take part in the assessment of AUN QA, Information Systems, Family Law and Management, simultaneously take part in the consignment activities carried out by LPM UIN Jakarta at Hotel Bumi Wiyata, Depok, 3-5 October 2018. This activity is an attempt made to Self Assessment Report (SAR) that has been made by the three study programs can get maximum results.

On the occasion, UIN Jakarta presented 2 AUN QA assessors from Indonesia, namely Dr. Fredinand Yulianda from IPB and Prof. Titi Savitri from UGM. The two speakers will guide the three study programs in compiling SAR AUN QA.

On the first day, Dr. Fredinad had the opportunity to review SAR from 1 to 5. Each study program first presented their SAR, starting from the Family Law Study Program, then Management Study Program, and finally the Information Systems study program. After completing one study program, Dr. Fredinan will provide reviews and comments. At the end of the session, Dr. Fredinand conveyed a number of tips in completing SAR, in order to get optimal value.

On the second day, Prof. Titi conducted a SAR review for criteria 6 to 11. To understand the SAR in full, Prof. Titi asked the three study programs to describe at a glance what had been done by the three study programs when filling out criteria 1 through 5. Because by understanding criteria 1 through 5, it would be known what data and description should be listed in the following criteria. (usa-rs)



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