Rectorate, UIN News Online – Throughout 2020, the Faculty of Da’wah and Communication Science (Fidikom) has signed at least 18 collaborative agreements with a number of agencies and institutions, both public and private, domestic and international.

This was said by Vice Dean for student, alumni and cooperation of Fidikom UIN Jakarta Cecep Sastrawijaya to UIN News Online through Whatsapp messenger on Wednesday (12/02/2020). The signing of the last cooperation agreement was carried out with the Da’wah Faculty of IAIN Purwokerto, on November 30th, 2020.

“Alhamdulillah, all the cooperation programs that have been carried out are running smoothly as planned,” said Cecep.

Cecep also said that cooperation during 2020 was carried out with a number of higher education institutions, especially with the state Islamic religious higher education institutiom (PTKIN) under the auspices of the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs. Cooperation with PTKIN is mainly due to the similarity of several study programs, for example Islamic Communication and Broadcasting (KPI) and Islamic Guidance and Counseling (BPI).

Meanwhile, other collaborations are carried out with several private universities and philanthropic institutions. Generally, all of these collaborations are related to institutional capacity improvement, academic quality improvement, and the implementation of three pillars of higher education.

“We have also collaborated with Hayrat Faundation Turkey and the Indonesian Middle East Alumni Network (JATTI),” he added.

According to Cecep, the collaborative programs between Fidikom UIN Jakarta and another institutions is considered very important. “In addition to increasing the level of public trust in Fidkom UIN Jakarta, it will also improve the quality of accreditation,” he added.

In the future, said Cecep, the Fidikom collaborative program will continue to be carried out and improved both in terms of quality and scope of fields. In fact, he also hopes that Fidikom can cooperate with many International institutions.

“We will welcome various collaboratives program with any institution if it is in accordance with the vision, mission and objectives of the Fidikom UIN Jakarta,” he concluded. (usa/ns)

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