SPs Building, Berita UIN Online— The atmosphere at Graduate School is unusual. Some colorful wreaths lined up at the lobby. One of wreath is from Indonesian Midwives association, Bogor Regency, Reads: Selamat Atas Promosi Doktor: Nurmawati, Srihayuningsih dan Jubaedah (Congratulations on Doctoral Promotion: Nurmawati, Srihayuningsih and Jubaedah).

Yes, this Monday (5/15), three students of Islamic Health Doctorate Program SPs UIN Jakarta, Nurmawati, Srihayuningsih and Jubaedah managed an open promotion dissertation defense on their doctoral achievement. It feels more memorable than the usual promotion, besides women and friends, these women are work as midwives in Bogor Regency, West Java. Wreath from Indonesian Midwives Association Bogor Regency is lined up along with other wreaths.

Although they are friends and their dissertation defense is on the same day, each of them examines a different object. Srihayuningsih defended her dissertation entitled “Profil Reproduksi, Sosiodemografi dan Pemahaman Agama pada Perempuan Muslimah Menikah (Studi Kasus Abortus di Klinik Raden Saleh RSUPN Cipto Mangunkusumo Jakarta Tahun 2013)”. Nurmawati wrote a dissertation entitled “Pengaruh Buah Kurma terhadap Kehamilan dan Persalinan (Studi Kasus di Puskesmas Kecamatan Cengkareng dan Puskesmas Kecamatan Palmerah Jakarta)”.  Nurmawati presented her dissertation entitled “Khitan Anak Perempuan dalam Perspektif Islam dan Kesehatan (Studi Pelaksanaan Khitan di Bogor Jawa Barat)”.

When met by UIN NEWS Online, the three best friends are in sync wearing green veils and matching batik dresses. All three looked giddy and nervous to go through such historic day in their life. “It feels more meaningful because we had been friends for a long time and we went through it together,” replied Srihayuningsih representing her two best friends.

In the said promotion, Srihayuningsih got the first turn of promotion, starting at 10.00 AM until 12.00PM. Srihayuningsih herself got the average score of 86,77 with 3,56 of GPA and become the 1045th Doctor in Graduate School (SPs) UIN Jakarta. “Alhamdulillah, I feel relieved. I feel gleeful and happy that many people attended this promotion, especially Dr Yusuf Rahman and Dr Fuad Jabali,” said Sri while talking with the said lecturers. (usa)

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