Campus Park, UIN News Online – Thousands of new students (freshmen) began to visit the faculty booth at the campus park. They enrolled to take part in the Introduction to Academic and Student Culture (PBAK) 2018/2019 academic year which will be held on August 27-30, 2018.

Until this news was written on Friday (08/03/2018) at 11.22 WIB, a number of freshmen since morning seemed to crowd the campus park, where PBAK was registered. In that place, 12 faculty stands were prepared to welcome the arrival of freshmen. While the PBAK registration process is carried out by each Faculty Student Council and Department.

Based on Coordination Meeting between leaders and managers UIN Jakarta Students Council, the Student Council of the Faculty, as well as student activity units (SMEs), which was held on Thursday (08/02/2018) yesterday, PBAK registration activities conducted in batches.

The first batch of freshmen who passed the SNMPTN and SPAN PTKIN enrollment types was opened on 1-7 August 2018; the second wave of PTKIN SBMPTN and UM types was opened on 8-14 August 2018; and the third batch of the SPMB Mandiri type was opened on 15-21 August 2018.

“PBAK’s core activities will take place on August 27-30, 2018, while the rehearsal will be held on August 24, 2018,” said the Chairman of PBAK, Imam Li Dzikri.

According to Imam, the opening of PBAK will include the flashmob and mosaic by the freshmen. Even in the event, it is targeted to enter the Indonesian Record Museum (Muri) because it involves approximately 7,500 freshmen.

“Insha Allah, we will try to achieve Muri’s achievements. We will coordinate a large number of students so that they remain conducive and there is no miss communication,” he said optimistically. (usa)

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