TIME has not shown 08.00 pm already. But some visitors on Sunday (05/02/2017) morning was already getting crowded enliven the exhibition arena of Higher Education and Training Exhibition 2017 which was held at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). Most of them are students who had come to that place for their favorite college information on how to go to college.

Since it’s opening on February 2, 2017, higher education fairs 26th with international level has never empty from visitors. They were students with grade 12th average at high school level in Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi and South Tangerang. They generally come in groups but there are also individual.

Once arrived at the site, a number of exhibitors booth was directly filled.  UIN Jakarta booth located in Hall A JCC building. According to one guard, Evanauli Aprilla, every day visitors to the booth UIN Jakarta, reaching more than 1,000 people. This is evident from the attendance book visitors provided on the spot.

“We deliberately set attendance book to detect the level of visitors coming to UIN Jakarta booth,” explained Evanauli, while assisting visitors on that busy day.On the fourth day exhibition before closing, visitors coming and downs but instead added more booming. Even until about sunset, fairgrounds still enlivened visitors. In fact, a number of UIN Jakarta guard booth that afternoon was ready to pack up to go home.In the exhibition, UIN Jakarta involving at least 40 people guard. They consist of elements of employee and student.

During the exhibition, they keep using shift system, namely morning and afternoon shift Serving massive visitors every day even bigger mass each day obviously not just rely on the ability to communicate and patience, But more than that we need extra strength and extra energy in order to stay attentive. If not, it affects performance and will not be up and therefore contributes to the mood.

“While serving, I hardly have time to take a rest. I nearly forget to eat, “said Umar Syarif Audah, a morning shift in charge employee. Not only that, the hoarse voice followed because a lot of uttering can be one of the effects.

Moreover, the atmosphere was quite noisy with the sound of music and speakers from the exhibitors in every direction. “I half shouted when giving information,” said Umar while emotionally frustrated because it was too noisy.

The same thing is also experienced by Yuni Nurkamaliah, a student officer. However, she tried to remain calm and faithful to assist the visitors.”If just one or two does not matter, but many comes and there were a lot of noise by the sound from the right and left, my voice could be lost as well,” said Yuni, 6th semester student of Department of Arabic Language Education and Teaching Tarbiyah Faculty.

The officers apparently needed and encouraged to have a lot of patience and understanding because of the crowded situation unpleasant atmosphere as it is undoubtedly inevitable. In other words, assisting visitors should continue with providing better service to everyone even with exhausted body and mind. (im)

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