Rectorate, UIN NEWS Online – UIN Jakarta will butchers at least 10 Qorban Animals on Eid al Adha 1438 H. The butchery and distributions will be implemented in two locations, at UIN Jakarta and Cikuya Village, Solear, Tangerang, Banten, on Friday (1/9/2017).

That was conveyed by Head of General Affairs Department Encep Dimyati MA to UIN NEWS Online at Rectorate Building, Thursday (31/8/2017). “These Qorban Animals are donations from UIN Jakarta Board of Leaders and Business Partner,” He said.

According to Encep, the details of these Qorban animals are 3 cows and 7 goats. Two of the cows are each donated by Bank Jabar-Banten (BJB) Syariah and Syahida Inn.

Cutting and distribution at UIN Jakarta campus consists of two cows and five goats. While in Cikuya consists of one cow and two goats.

Encep said the slaughter of animals and the distribution of sacrificial meat at the location of land UIN Jakarta in Cikuya is the second time. This is done in addition to the distribution of meat distribution, as well as to give syi’ar to the community in the village.

“In Cikuya Village there are still many poor people. They need to get some of the sacrificial animals we cut, “he said.

According to the plan, the cutting of sacrificial animals in Cikuya Village will be attended by the Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Dede Rosyada and the vice rectors and deans of the faculty. In addition, there will also be heads of centers and institutions in UIN Jakarta, including representatives from BJB Syariah. (usa-rs)

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