Harun Nasution Auditorium, UIN NEWS Online– Regarding with the campus expansion plan, The Rector of UIN Jakarta, Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada MA is currently negotiating with the Government of South Tangerang City, Banten, regarding the area that currently owned by International Sport Club of Indonesia(ISCI), which is located at Jalan Kertamukti, East Ciputat. According to the Rector, if the land is given, UIN Jakarta will soon build the new campus on that location.

The statement from The Rector of UIN Jakarta is revealed when he gave a speech at the Halal bi Halal event in Harun Nasution Auditorium, on Friday (7/15). “The land is still owned by ISCI, whose the shares are no longer owned by the foreigners. So, I strongly agree if the land is given to UIN Jakarta for educational purposes,” said Rector.

According to him, UIN Jakarta have a difficulties to expand the area of the campus. The area which is available is inadequate and already crowded with the people. The only hope is to utilize the area that is currently owned by ISCI and located just next to the campus of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP).

“UIN Jakarta is seeking to take on more students. But due to the problem, we can only accept 5000 new students each year,” he explained.

For the land acquisition process, he admitted that he had talked with South Tangerang Mayor Airin Rachmi Diany. Nevertheless, the Mayor herself still have to discuss it further with the management of ISCI and the parliament of Tangsel.

“I have conveyed to the Mayor of Tangsel, and hopefully there is a way out, so that we can expand the area of UIN Jakarta,” he said.

ISCI is a family oriented sports and recreation club. And it was intended for both the foreign and local people. The five hectares of facility is located at Jalan Kertamukti just next to the campus of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) and Lake Situ Gintung. Other than the sport activities, ICSI also has a whole range of social activities. (Ns/Umar Syarif Audah)

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