Gd. Central Library, NEWS UIN– UINJakarta inaugurated the new building of the Central Library located at Campus 1, Jalan Ir. H. Juanda No. 95, Ciputat, Friday (1/29). The existence of the 11-storey building is expected to strengthen its efforts in research activity services civitas academy UIN Jakarta.

Inauguration of the building was done by Rector Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada MA witnessed by the vice-chancellor, the head of the bureau, and academic faculty. In addition to cut the ribbon, the inauguration marked the keys of the representatives of the contractor PT Avicena Utama, Jamaladdin Hasbullah, to the rector.

“The opening of this building, we hope that the Central Library will support the academic faculty research activity program,” said Rector.

To that end, in particular the chancellor requested the Central Library services system, to get done with copying the libraries at the university. At various universities abroad, he said, the service is done based within digital librararies (e-books/ pdf’s) with a variety of special reading room facilities.

It is known that the Central Library has been in construction since 2014 and the sources of financing the budget. Technically, the library building’s highest Islamic university environment is designed with modern facilities such as room references, public reading room, a meeting room, and the room is a collection of resources such as digital libraries. All rooms are using air conditioners.

In addition, the building also features a variety of other modern amenities. Among them, a power house, reservoir, site development, and futuristic facilities with close-circuit television (CCTV) and lift. In fact, the library also provides facilities for disabled groups.

With such specifications, the Library central Building at UIN Jakarta became the most modern library building in the university and Islamic environment in the religious country. “But more is expected, this building can support the research activities of all university faculties, students and faculty researchers,” said the rector again.

UIN Jakarta, the rector said, he is now designing research-based faculty office hours. Working hours thus arranged to enable the lecturers have enough time to do the research, apart from the bustle of teaching and to serve the community. “Rector together with the deans, drafting the design of the working hours,” he explained.

With more focused research activities, the faculty is expected to produce research that can be published in international journals nationally-accredited. Especially for lecturers in science, research products generated in the form of instrument and certified products Intellectual Properties Rights (IPR).

However, he said, the research activity should be supported by the Central Library services more adequately. The service is thus very important, given the success of world universities to boost research, one of them rests on adequate library services.

The Head of the Library Amrullah Hasbana S.Ag., SS., MA previously said, the Central Library is expected to be the heart of the university in UIN Jakarta. To that end, in addition to the provision of reference, Library also continued to fix the system library services.

For information, the Central Library now has a collection of thousands of published and non-published books and articles. In addition to books, books, and various scientific encyclopedia, a collection of covers of leading journals and abroad. For non-published articles, the library also provides a variety of reference sources in the form of a journals which can be downloaded free of charge by visitors to the library. (Safee)

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