Merlynn Park Hotel, BERITA UIN Online– The institution has to pay more attention about its service to public. The good reputation of the institution depends on its creativity. Those are the conclusions from ‘public relations gathering 2016’ held by Tempo Media Group, located in Merlynn Park Hotel on Tuesday, April 26th. The speakers of that agenda are Wahyu Dyatmika and Yosep Suprayogi from TEMPO. The topic of agenda is “Peran Media Sosial Sebagai Faktor Pendukung Kesuksesan Penyebaran Press release yang Efektif dan Berdampak Besar” and followed by the public relation from higher educational institutions from Jabodetabek (greater Jakarta).

At the time, Wahyu Dyatmika has described about press regulations, how to write a good and attractive press release, then the things that public relation should aware of. “Before start writing press release, we should pay attention about the important thing of publishing, avoid using the words ambiguously and ought to linkage it, so it is easier to be found in search engine,” said Wahyu.

At the same place, Yosep has explained the things about writing in detail and the importance of university to be more pay attention to its public relations. “The appearance of a university, whether good or bad, depends on its public relations,” said Yosep.

Yosep added that training and workshop are necessary to public relations in order to face different possibility that could happen in university. Nowadays, everyone can access to social media and write everything in there, wherever and whenever they are. (Translated by Ihsan/Yaqin)

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