FPSI, UIN News Online – The Faculty of Psychology organized the 3rd batch of Skills Upgrade Training, focusing on Coaching skill, at Dzakiyah Darajat Theater, Faculty of Psychology UIN Jakarta, Tuesday (5/9). This activity present expert speakers, Asep Haerul Gani (Professional Coach Associates Psychological Practice).

In his presentation, Asep delivered the basic understanding of coaching in psychological practice. He also added that coaching is a process that facilitates a person to achieve a predetermined goal through asking, listening, and providing feedback by restating.

“Coaching has tremendous benefits, such as to develop the quality of human resources, to improve performances, and to generate new knowledge in achieving the goals,” said Asep.

On the same occasion, Asep explained three basic aspects of the coaching. Namely, state of mind, coaching techniques, and therapeutic techniques.

Based on observation, he participants are very enthusiastic to attend the training. They asked a lot of questions about the training materials. At the end of each subject, the participants had the opportunity to simulate self-coaching and reframing. The simulation is based on the technical guidance provided. (usa)

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