FDI, UIN News Online – The Dirasat Islamiyah (FDI) Faculty opens opportunity for the S1 graduates from various majors to become students of the Dirasat Islamiyah (MDI) Master’s Program.

The Dean of Dirasat Islamiyah Faculty Hamka Hasan on Tuesday, (02/26/2019) said that MDI is an advanced program that specialize in international Islamic studies (tafaquh fiddin). The lecture was held in collaboration with FDI and Cairo Al-Azhar University, both in terms of lecture system and its curriculum.

There are four courses at MDI; the Islamic doctrine (aqidah), Sharia, Al-Qur’an-Hadith, and Arabic Language and Literature.

Online registration can be done through spmb.uinjkt.ac.id, and the selection test will take place in August 2019. The lectures begin in September 2019.

According to Hamka, learning system in MDI will use the Arabic language and Arabic-language textbooks. As for the lecturer, in addition to local lecturers, there are also foreign lecturers, especially from Middle Eastern countries.

“MDI graduates will have a Masters in Islamic Studies or M.Si,” said Hamka. (usa)

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