Ciputat, UIN NEWS Online– UIN Jakarta to disseminate to two Islamic Schools in the Greater Jakarta area, Ponpes Daar el-Qolam and Ponpes Darunnajah. Socialization is expected to give information to the students who wants to continue education at varsity level.

This was conveyed by the Head of the Sub Division of Publications and Documentation at UIN Jakarta Feni Arifiani SH MH, Saturday (30/01). According to him, the socialization of the agenda UIN Jakarta to better reach prospective students to schools and boarding schools. In this way, the students are also free to ask about the education offered by UIN Jakarta.

Socialization in Daarul Qalam, coinciding with milad Pesantren Dar El Qolam 48th, Thursday (21/01). “Our arrival was not only attended by the milad boarding school, but at the same time held a socialization of UIN Jakarta to the students who will follow the UAN and continue education at university,” said Kasubbag Publication and Documentation Feni Arifiani, SH, MH.

Education Expo event was attended by 25 universities in Indonesia as well as representatives of the Management and Science University (MSU) Malaysia. The students are very enthusiastic to join the proceedings Education Expo and ask some questions about college entrance examination system, the existing faculties, as well as prospects for the world of work after graduating from Varsity.

One of the students when the teams met UIN News revealed his enthusiasm towards this activity. “Thank God, for this activity I can get clear information directly and do not have far to go to college, because the activities at boarding quite dense at this time,” he said.

For information, Daar el Qolam is a boarding school that was founded in 1968 AD, or around 1387 H was raised by KH. Rifa’i Ahmad Arif. Boarding school Daar el Qolam located at Jalan Raya Serang KM. 35 Pasir Gintung, District Jayanti, Tangerang, Banten Province is one of the many Pesantren (Islamic dormatories) alumni donate a student and scholar UIN Jakarta.

While in boarding Daarunnajah, socializing is done in the Hall Four Windu. Socialization is attended by hundreds of students. They enthusiastically participate in this event and ask some questions about the technique of registering at the same lecture system that runs at UIN Jakarta, especially the prospects after finishing education.

One participant Albaniyah, told News UIN express his appreciation to the impression and this socialization activities. “With this event, now I know how to apply to university, and get other useful information,” he said.

As well as Daar el-Qolam Pesantren, Pesantren Darunnajah centered Ulujami Jalan Raya 86, Pesanggrahan a boarding school which greatly contributed to the students who study at UIN Jakarta. After graduating from university, not the least of alumni Daarunnajah students who choose to become a lecturer at UIN Jakarta. (lrf/is)

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