Kursus-Bahasa-KoreaRectorate, UIN NEWS online – The admission for 2016 Korean language course is officially closed on Sunday (08/01). There were at least 24 active students of UIN Jakarta has joined this course to improve their Korean language skill.  The course will be lasted for three months, starting on October 2016, as the product of collaboration between UIN Jakarta with KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency).

It was said by the head of the International Cooperation Service Center (PLKI) UIN Jakarta Rachmat Baihaky, MA to UIN NEWS Online team in his office, Wednesday (11/01).

He also added, the course is divided into three classes, and each class represents one person as the best graduate. In addition, this course will be opened every year for the next heave.

“This first heave declared eligible to proceed to the next level and will start the course around mid-March at the same time with the next term admittance” He said.

He continued, related to teacher fulfillment that teacher is provided directly from Korea and has teaching certificate from the official authority. And for the students, they will be directed to follow a student exchange program or continuing their study in Korea.

As an additional information, the 24 students who join the course, three students are from the Faculty of Science and Teachers’ Training FITK), four students are from Faculty of Adab and Humanities (FAH), four students are from the Faculty of Sharia and Law (FSH), five students are from Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), three students are from Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (Social), and one student from the Faculty of Psychology.

 Of the three classes, appeared four students as the best graduates. Among them are, Frida Aprilia (FSH), Nurul Masyithah (FAH), Nur Laila Hairani (FPSI), and the last is Achmad Achsan Zainul (FITK). (im/usa)

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