Ciputat, UIN News Online – Fifty three years ago, at the United Nations Educational Conference, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on November 17, 1965 in Iran. UNESCO officially declared September 8 as International Literacy Day. Now, International Literacy Day is celebrated all over the world, with governments, multi and bilateral organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, Private Sector, Communities, Teachers, Students, and experts in the field. Today, there is always appreciation on International Literacy Day for people with extraordinary solutions that can encourage scholarship to reach the 2030 education agenda. The main global celebration of the day is usually held at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.

Do not want to miss, Miss and Mass Tarjamah collaborates with the Tarjamah (translation) Department Student Association (HMJ Tarjamah) to commemorate International Literacy Day on September 22, 2018 entitled “Merawat Literasi dalam Bidang Penerjemahan”. This theme is aimed for students to enlighten literacy values ​​in the fields they are doing, translation.

This event is also a response to the erosion of literacy values ​​that are now experienced by students. Students today tend to be less literate and subordinate primary sources and even student trust in Google and other search engines is almost religious.

Located in the hallway of the Hall of Kopertais, Miss and Mass Tarjamah together with HMJ Tarjamah speak up especially to new students, to reread the books they had. Not only that, the agenda of joint discussions also became the main agenda in the commemoration of this International Literacy Day. Discussing the hot issues being discussed by the public, HMJ Tarajamah tried to live up to the critical reason that students should have.

“This event is not only aimed at grounding literacy values ​​in translating and reviving students’ critical reasoning, it also has another goal, namely in the form of products in the form of essays written by students. So, the students are expected not only to be aware of the importance of literacy values ​​but also practically to be able to treat or even repackage translation works in other forms for the sake of the continuity of science, “said Zamachsyari, chairman of HMJ Tarjamah 2018. (usa-rs)

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