FAH, UIN News Online – To prepare graduates who are ready to enter the world of work, the Adab and Humniora Faculty of Lectures Department (FAH) holds career guidance activities for final level Tarjamah students. The event took place on Thursday (10/11/2018). The department invited the Secretary General of HPI (Indonesian Translator Association), Anna Wiksmadara as the speaker.

In his lecture, Anna encourages final year students majoring in Tarjamah to become professional translators. Anna also shared her experience as a translator in a large oil and gas company with a small income. “If we are diligent and focused, of course, we can become experts in the language and can even become professional translators,” she said.

This activity became an information forum for the final students at Tarjamah, because it provided additional insight into translation as well as relations in the world of work. To deal with an increasingly advanced age, it is not only expertise that is the main capital, but relationships and connections are also needed.

The training for students in the last semester aims to provide relationships and connections to them, so that after graduation, they can immediately enter the workforce,” said Secretary of the Tarjamah Department, Rizky Handayani.

Roby Sugara, one of the participants, gave an appreciation of this activity. ” I hope, with this event the Tarjamah students will be optimistic as a young translator in the future ”. he said.

Rizki Handayani added, “The enthusiasm of the final semester students in joining this career guidance program is quite good. It was seen from the full room and many questions from the participants,” she said. (usa)

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