Ciputat, UIN News Online – To form students with character, it is only able to be formed by teachers who sincerely instill the values of character to their students. This was conveyed by Tarjamah (Translation) department head of FAH UIN Jakarta Dr Moch. Syarif Hidayatullah MHum during his speech on national seminar entitled “Napak Tilas Jejak Intelektual Kiai Ali Mustafa Yakub”, Saturday, (4/15), at Pesantren Darus-Sunnah, Ciputat.

Syarif hidayatullah admitted that he had studied in pesantren for four years (1997-2001), he is also recorded as the first teacher that appointed directly by Kiai Ali to teach in Pesantren Darus-Sunnah.

I always remember the message of Kiai Ali who said that literature will remains, although the author has been passed away. He also advised his student wa laa tamuutunna illaa wa antum kaatibun (do not die before you managed to become a writer),” said Syarif.

He also added that Kiai Ali Mustafa Yakub is a firm strong, and wise person. Additionally, discipline and hygiene education also inseparable from Kiai Ali, which he then taught to his santris.

“Ali Mustafa Yaqub is a moderate and non-fanatic kiai figure. I testify, even though he is from NU, he never encouraged his santris to participate in NU activities. Therefore, Darus-Sunnah is considered as a home for santris from any Islamic groups or organization,” he added.

Also present in the event, Dr Nurul Huda, the author of Khodimun Nabi  KH Cholidy Ibhar, son of the Late Kiai Ali Mustafa Yakub, who also served as caretaker in pesantren Darus-Sunnah Ziaul Haromain LC. (usa)

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