Prof. Aqib Suminto Theater, UIN NEWS Online– Hundreds of students studying broadcasting and radio production management as a medium that is widely used by the community in the Working Workshop on Kata Sound Creation Meaning, at Aqib Suminto Theater Room 2nd Floor of Faculty of Science and Communication Sciences Faculty (FIDK), Wednesday (11/10/2017). The workshop was facilitated by Radio Dakwah and Communication (RDK FM), FIDK UIN Jakarta and opened by Vice Dean for Administration FIDK DR. Roudhonnah.

The workshop itself presents a number speaker from broadcaster and radio program management practitioners. The broadcasters are Night Shift Prambors FM Mario Pratama, Audio Production Prambors FM Ridha Kurnia, Producer Tika-Udjo Bahana FM Chester Aditya, Music Director (MD) Jak 101 FM Ilham Fahrie, and La Sirama from Radio Republik Indonesia.

Chief Implementation Officer Anida, Student Semester V Prodi Jurnalistik revealed that the workshop is part of a series of events ROFFAIR 2017, one of the annual agenda of RDK FM. According to her, the workshop aims to provide knowledge to participants about broadcasting the radio field. Not only knowledge, the workshop also introduce about production management.

Therefore, in addition to presenting the broadcaster, the workshop also presents the practitioners behind the radio program production process. “In this activity we not only present a broadcaster, but we present direction manager, creative, and producer as a speaker in this workshop,” she said.

With the composition of such speakers, he added, the workshop not only provided the materials for the participants. After the presentation, the participants were invited to directly practice what they got from the previous class. “Once the material is finished, the participants will practice according to the field they want,” she added.

Meanwhile, the workshop itself was followed by 150 participants. In addition to UIN Jakarta students only, others are broadcasting students from a number of universities in Jabodetabek such as Bina Sarana Informatika, Communication High School, Budi Luhur University, and Pancasila University.

Kanya, a student of Broadcasting School of Communication Science (STIKOM) Jakarta, for example. Kanya became one of the workshop participants to deepen his insight in the field of broadcasting. “It seems very happy to participate in this workshop, because it is very motivating to learn radio outside the hours of the lecture,” he said.

In her speech, Roudhonnah appreciated the radio workshop. As a student of communication science, Roudhonnah asked FIDK students to be more active in improving their knowledge and expertise in the field, especially radio. “Because it is proven up to now, in addition to functioning as a means of entertainment, radio plays a major role in making information and providing education for the community,” she added. (usa)


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