India, UIN News Online – Through the 2019 International community service program, UIN Jakarta students introduces the culture of Indonesian archipelago to the people of Mumbai, India since last July. They are Arie Ekawie Baskhoro and Miftahurrahmah from FSH UIN Jakarta, Faisal Azkar Ghifari, Nurmaelatussaadah, and Nurlely Dhamayanti from FISIP UIN Jakarta.

To UIN News Online, Wednesday (08/21/2019) Arie said that the activity was carried out through sharing sessions with many local students from various local universities such as the University of Mumbai and St Xavier’s College Mumbai.

“In addition to Indonesian culture, we also introduce the UIN Jakarta campus as the Moderate Islamic Campus,” said Arie.

As one of the major cities of India, said Arie, Mumbai is an interesting area to be studied by students of UIN Jakarta. As one of the cities with a highly developed economy, Mumbai has become a melting pot for various Indian cultures brought by people from various Indian cultural regions.

In addition, Mumbai also has many places that have high historical value. “The social style of culture is very diverse. In daily life, they use Hindi and English,” he said.

Demographically, he continued, the people of Mumbai are also very disciplined. “They also strongly uphold the beliefs and culture of their ancestors, so that in terms of clothing and accessories, and their daily lives cannot be separated from these influences,” he explained. (usa/zm)

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