SC Hall, UIN News Online – Hundreds of MA Mathla’ul Anwar Menes students visits UIN Jakarta on Thursday (01/16/2020). They were accompanied by 10 teacher and led by their headmaster, and welcomed by the Publications and Documentation Sub Section department Nanang Syaikhu in student center hall.

The headmaster of MA Mathla’ul Anwar, Muhajirin said, the students visit to UIN Jakarta aimed to obtain information about admission process directly. Through this visit the students are expected to know the mechanism of new enrollment clearly, transparently, and accurately.

“We hope that students who will go to university, especially to UIN Jakarta, can get the information correctly, especially related to tuition fees using UKT system,” he said.

According to Muhajirin, UIN Jakarta has long been known among the academics of MA Mathla’ul Anwar. Even since IAIN era. Many students from MA Mathla’ul Anwar continue their studies at UIN Jakarta.

“There are also many teachers at MA Mathla’ul Anwar who are graduates of UIN Jakarta,” he said.

Meanwhile, Nanang Saikhu in his presentation said  thatThere are five enrollment types, namely SNMPTN, SBMPTN, SPAN PTKIN, UM PTKIN, and Local Recruitment. SPAN PTKIN and UM PTKIN only offers religious study programs, while SNMPTN and SBMPTN offers general study programs.

“As for the Local Recruitment, is one enrollment system that is managed and organized by each university and offer all study programs, both religious and general study programs,” he said. (usa)

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