FDI, UIN News Online – Faculty of Dirasat Islamiyah (FDI) UIN Jakarta delegates two of its students to take part in the Indonesian Youth Teacher Exchange Program (IYTEP) II 2018 in Thailand. They are Muhammad Difa El Haq (5th semester student) and Afdal Zikri (7th semester student).

In addition to Muhammad Difa and Afdal, there were 41 other participants from various universities in Indonesia, both state and private who also participated in this event. They were divided into several groups and assigned to several schools and Ma’had Islamiyah that previously had been determined by the committee.

For the teaching material itself, it focuses on three main subjects, namely English, Arabic and Islamic Religious Education. There are also some participants who teach secular lessons such as numeracy, Mathematics, History etc. IYTEP participants are required to provide teaching materials that can be understood by the learners.

According to Difa, this activity provides many benefits for FDI delegates, especially in the field of Arabic language development and Islamic Religious Education.

“We can apply the things that have been learned in the faculty as teaching materials, we also apply Arabic as an International language to communicate with other people from different countries,” he said.

He also added that most of the IYTEP participants were not proficient in Arabic, so if their interlocutors were Arabs, they relied on FDI delegates to become intermediaries who were able to communicate and translate all conversations to other IYTEP participants. “This shows that FDI UIN Jakarta has been recognized at the international level,” he added.

For information, Indonesian Youth Teacher Exchange Program (IYTEP) 2018 is one of International events held by Language Lovers Community (L2C) Indonesia, Indonesian Alumni Association in Thailand (PERSAIT) and Princess of Naradhiwas University, Thailand. (usa)

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