IMG_20161220_114847Mahmud Yunus Theater, UIN News Online – Many students criticize the high tendencies of the political dynasties in the 2017 regional head election day, the political dynasty is potentially considered to enrich the corruption.

Thus was the result from public discussion entitled Lawan Korupsi Tolak Dinasti Politik (Fight the Corruption and Reject the Political Dynasty) organized by FITK UIN Jakarta English Education Student Association (HMJ PBI) in collaboration with the South Tangerang City Student Association at Mahmud Yunus Theater of UIN Jakarta. This discussion was held to commemorate the simultaneously election day which will take place in the next year.

The discussion which is moderated by the head of HMJ PBI Sofyan Hadi Permana presents five speakers; Adi Prayitno(Lecturer of The Faculty of Political and Social Science), Ray Rangkuti (Director of Lingkar Madani Indonesia), Khaliullah Pasaribu (Member of Indonesian Corruption Watch), Gufron Khan (School principal of Anti-Corruption School Muhammadiyah University Tangerang), and Beno Novit Neang (School principal of Anti Corruption School).

Referring to a number of experiences in some area, Ray explained that the political became one of the main conductors of the centralization of the entire political access and perpetuates the corruption. This condition will cause the difficulties among the potential political resources to compete in the healthy political process.

Economically, he added, political dynasty allows the concentration of economic resources, including the use of regional funding for the interests of the dynasty. “Overall, the political dynasties only give an advantage to the ruling family,” he said.

Without denying some political dynasty cases that managed to build and develop its region, Adi said, more cases of political dynasties even caused the areas that they lead being relatively underdeveloped. This is evidenced by the high rate of poverty and unemployment, lacking in education and health services.

“Political dynasty also causes the obstruction of the better political resources into the realm of government bureaucracy,” said Adi.

Separately, Sofyan Hadi Permana stated that Banten is one of the provinces with strong potential of political dynasty. “This puts Banten as a province that could easily trapped by the corruption behavior,” he added.

This discussion also presents a poetry reading from Literacy activist’s from Banten  Gol a Gong, he recited his poetry entitled Banten Tolak Dinasti Politik (Banten Reject the Political Dynasty). (usa)

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