Jakarta, BERITA UIN Online 98 students from department of pharmacy, faculty of medicine and health science, carry out an internship in RSUD (hospital) of South Tangerang, RS Pelabuhan North Jakarta, and RS Fatmawati in South Jakarta. This internship starts from mid-february until the end of April.

Department of pharmacy records that an intership is a compulsory subject for student at 7th semester equal to 1 SKS (credit system). The students are under guidance of pharmacist in each hospital. The students will make a report to hospital and department of pharmacy about their practical activites. The report is about Pemantauan Terapi Obat (monitoring drugs therapy) for the last week in hospital.

During internship, the students will involve in drugs production like encapsulation and syrup, producing a hygienic drug (cytostatic drug for cancer), doing dispensing, monitoring drugs therapy and preparing single dose drug.

Jeki, who conducting internship in RS Fatmawati said that he gained a lot of experiences about pharmacy wider than he used to get in the class room. ”We can get better vision about the real pharmacy, the duty of pharmacist, and teamwork among them. I am experiencing how a pharmacist feels like”. Ikhda Khullatil Mardliyah, Jeki’s friend, has the same opinion about internship. “The pharmacists in my hospital give me more knowledge about pharmacy,” she said.

Dean of FKIK, Prof. Dr. Arief Sumantri SKM hopes that through internship, the students will graduate and become an expert in their field especially in pharmacy. By doing internship, they know how the pharmacist has to be like, and dedicate their work. (Translated by Ihsan/Yaqin)

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