Diorama Room, UIN NEWS Online – A total of 50 scholarship recipients attended the scientific writing training in the Diorama Room, Friday (04/13/2018). The training organized by the Student Affairs Division is one of the coaching programs for the scholarship recipients so that they have certain skills.

Head of Sub Division of Student Affairs Budi Purwati SPd said the purpose of the training is to develop the potential and talents of students in writing scientific papers and to improve students’ understanding on how to write a scientific paper with good and has a sale value.

“This activity is an annual program of Student Affairs Department for scholarship recipients, both from Bidikmisi and Public Service Board (BLU) of UIN Jakarta,” she said.

According to Budi, the number of scholarship recipients each year is quite large. They are on average derived from the region and are less capable economically but achievers. It’s just that to develop them, the achievement alone is not enough, so there needs to be strengthening in the field of skills that will be stocked upon graduation.

“So, we also keep directing and directing them (the scholarship recipients, Red). It’s part of our responsibility,” she explained.

Training materials delivered by telecommunication researcher Dedi Kurnia Syah Putra from Telecommunication University Bandung, West Java. Doctoral graduates of Sahid University Jakarta in the field of media and political diplomacy besides doing a lot of research also including productive writers.

Dedi describes the introduction of the theory of writing scientific papers. He also distinguishes between scientific papers, articles, and features according to their individual characteristics.

“Scientific work is empirical and objective, while articles and features are subjective,” he explained.

According to Dedi, the rules of writing different scientific papers with popular works. But to be able to write needs to be supported with vocabulary mastery and diction. The requirement is to read a lot.

“Technically, there is also a lot of rules. So, it must meet the standard according to the guidelines and rules of scientific papers writing. Whether to wear standard and style of Canada or America, “said alumnus of the Department of Communication Broadcasting Islam Faculty of Da’wah and Communication Science UIN Jakarta. (usa-rs)

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