FIDK, UIN NEWS Online – Student Affairs Division of UIN Jakarta held a workshop on financial management training for university and faculty student administrator. The workshop took place at Theater Room of Faculty of Da’wa and Communication Sciences, campus I of UIN Jakarta on 12-13 February 2018.

Financial management training workshop opened by Vice Rector for Student Affairs Prof. Dr. Yusron Razak and attended by at least 100 participants. They are representatives of all student organizations, such as student/faculty senate (SEMA U/F), university/faculty student councils (Dema U / F), student associations (HMJ), and student activity units (SMEs). The workshop participants were represented by a chairman and treasurer.

Financial management workshop was held to provide guidance to the student organizations administrator on how to manage the finances. Participants were given materials such as financial management basic knowledge, such as financial resources, governance, and reporting systems.

Sub-division head of talent development and student interest UIN Jakarta R Trisno Riyadhi MM said the management of financial management workshop aims to make the student organizations administrator understand about the financial governance system in UIN Jakarta. Through this workshop, the participants are expected to be able to manage and report their financial uses effectively, transparently and accountably.

 “Generally, they have not understood the use of financial reporting systems. Therefore, we will equip them first know with the financial governance knowledge, both before and after the budget is used,” said Trisno.

Trisno also hopes that the student organizations administrators can manage and make good use of the budget given to each institution. “Don’t bite more than you could chew (besar pasak daripada tiang, -red),” he added.

Also present in the event, Bureau Chief of Planning and Finance Drs Subarja MPd, Head of Finance Dra Siti Sugiarti, and Head of Internal Audit Unit Ahmad Cahya. (usa)

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