Diorama, UIN Online News – Student Affairs Department UIN Jakarta again held a workshop to improve the quality of its students. This time, representatives from 11 faculties in UIN Jakarta were invited in the workshop “Writing CV and Motivation Letter” by presenting the Coordinator of Campus France Indonesia, Editha Nurida as a speaker.

In the event, the participants were enthusiastic when the keynote speaker gave the material about writing CV and motivation letter to continue study abroad. According to Editha, writing good Curiculum Vitae is needed by the students in order to attract the attention of the campus from abroad.

“That way the university abroad will be very interested to mahsiswa if the cv is made very good in terms of writing other than the form of the cv itself,” said Editha told UIN News on Tuesday (03/20).

Furthermore, Editha explained that many alumni from UIN Jakarta who continue their study abroad since 2014. However, they made their choice to France because of the many advantages they got compared to other countries in Europe.

This is because the policy in France can be said to be very beneficial for foreign nationals who work or continue his studies there. Where the rights between French citizens and foreign citizens are generalized.

“The right to work and continuing education at the college level is free and not distinguished between foreign citizens and their own French citizens,” said Editha.

In addition, continued Editha, France became the only country that does not speak English but the enthusiasm of the foreign citizens are always increasing to visit and even settle there. This is not separated from the tourist destination located in the heart of the city. “France is a major tourist destination in the world. So, there is a lot of benefits that can be obtained if continuing education in France,” she concluded. (usa-rs)

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