AUK Bureau meeting in the in Bogor, West Java, on Friday (12/30). Photo By: Nanang Syaikhu

AUK Bureau meeting in the in Bogor, West Java,  Friday (12/30).
Photo By: Nanang Syaikhu

Bogor, UIN NEWS Online – To increase performance competence, structural employees in UIN Jakarta must be given equal opportunity with functional employees to pursue higher education. It proves that UIN Jakarta pays attention to the education and welfare of its employees.

“All these time, the encouragement to study tends to focus on lecturers as functional employee. While, to improve human resources quality and to support the development of UIN Jakarta, structural employee must also be considered, “ said the Head of the Public Administration and Civil Service (BAUK) Dr. Rudi Subiyantoro while opening the AUK Bureau meeting in the in Bogor, West Java, on Friday (12/30).

Rudi said that by giving equal opportunity for structural employees to study in higher education should be part of the Civil Service work program in 2017. Through this effort, it is expected that it gives positive impact on the implementation of the functions and duties by the structural employees in serving the society.

 “Increasing excellent service is not enough by understanding their duties and functions, but also by helping to improve their welfare, one of the way is by giving learning opportunities to pursue higher education,” he said.

 He expects in the future this policy becomes a priority agenda in Civil Service Section. Due to run the institution of UIN Jakarta, both structural and functional employees must cooperate in balance and synergy each other.

 “UIN Jakarta is like a bird that has two wings, the wing of lecturer elements (functional) and the wing of administrative elements (structural). If one of the wings cannot pack, UIN Jakarta will find it difficult to fly away into the sky,” Said the Head of AUK Bureau which is also a former Head of Information and Public Relations of the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Working Meeting with the theme “Excellent Service as an AUK Bureau IKU’S achievement Indicators” was attended by head sections, head sub-sections, also the staff members in the AUK Bureau office. The meeting not only to report and evaluate the work programs of fiscal year 2016, but also to develop work programs of 2017 fiscal year. (im/usa)

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