FDI, UIN News Online – The Student Executive Council of the Faculty of Dirasat Islamiyah (DEMA FDI) UIN Jakarta held a webinar entitled “Profesionalitas Da’i Muda di Masa Pandemi”, Saturday (11/06/2021). The webinar is expected to provide insight for students in carrying out da’wah activities through social media.

Chairman of DEMA FDI UIN Jakarta Wildan Rahmat Hidayat said the webinar was held following the importance of da’wah through social media. According to Wildan, social media has become an important part of people’s lives so it is considered appropriate to be a medium for Islamic preaching activities.

The webinar itself presents a resource person who has extensive experience in da’wah on social media, namely Ustaz Ibnu Kharish or popularly called Ustadz Ahong, who is the founder of Bincang Syariah da’wah media.

In his presentation, Ahong said, social media platforms deserve to be looked at as a means of da’wah. This is because of the popularity of social media in today’s era, especially among the millennial generation.

In his research, said Ahong, on average, social media platforms are popular among the 18-35 year old millennial generation so that the target of da’wah can be seen from there. “So, if we want to create content, we have to first see who the audience is,” said Ahong.

The popularity of social media itself, he explained, is not only supported by the development of the internet, but also the current situation of the global community, such as the Covid 19 pandemic. “Especially during a pandemic, everything has an impact on the digital world,” he said.

Ahong also added that preachers who want to preach on social media must have a clear plan.

“You have to think about the concept, whether you want to create visual or written content. But yes, YouTube is more dominant and Indonesians are more visually inclined,” he added.

The Youtube platform, he continued, can be filled with various materials such as daily content, learning Arabic, or responding to viral issues and news that are most needed by the audience. However, content should not be judgmental on a particular issue or news.

Lastly, Ahong reminded that da’wah activities through social media would be optimal if supported by consistency. “Consistency is necessary in content creation. And most importantly, the content must be interspersed with Islamic da’wah values,” he concluded. (usa/zm/fdi)

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