Main Auditorium, UIN NEWS Online– Social Trust Fund (STF) UIN Jakarta will hold Public Discussion on Peaceful Message for Myanmar on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at HarunNasution Auditorium from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.
According to the chairman of the committee Cut Erika Ananda Fatima SE MBA, there will be present in the event Tafseer Hadith Professor of Ushuludin Faculty Prof Dr M Quraish Shihab MA to lead istighotsa hprayer, Director General of Multilateral Cooperation Ministry of Foreign Affairs Salman al-Farisi SE, Chairman of the Alliance of Humanity of Indonesia to Myanmar (AKIM) M Ali Yusuf and Director of STF UIN Jakarta Dr. Amelia Fauzia as the speakers with the moderator Dewi Sandra.

“The humanitarian crisis in Myanmar has been the concern of the international public. Indonesia as the only country which able to enter the Rakhine State conflict region becomes the mainstay of international diplomacy with the Myanmar government to continue to provide assistance to the community in Rakhine State, “said STF Fundrising Manager in his office at STF Auditorium Harun Nasution on Thursday (9/14/2017).

But then again, he added, it required many supports from every element in unifying the perception and humanitarian issues which do not worsen the condition and diplomacy relations.

He added that the Humanitarian Assistance for Sustainable Community (HASCO) program, which was previously launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and initiated by the Indonesian Humanitarian Alliance for Myanmar (AKIM), became the starting point of this collaboration and agreement between Indonesian government and national institutions in Indonesia to commit to the vision of STF UIN Jakarta in an inclusive humanity, Social Justice and Peace.

“But the phenomenon of media and technological developments today would become an obstacle to realize reconciliation between Rakhinepeople and the government of Myanmar,” he said.

With this condition,he continued, the confusing and provocative news complicate social and security conditions in Rakhine State, said the lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and Business UIN Jakarta.

“The trouble in obtaining objective information in social media is a challenge for AKIM members to be able to educate their information account followersor other society to be unprovoked and able to refrain their expressing attitude” he said.
Therefore, according to Erika it is necessary for STF UIN Jakarta as a social institution of humanity in higher education to be seated together with AKIM to assist Myanmar.

“We hope Indonesian government and UIN Jakarta academic community to discuss and find solutions related to the development and program of Rakhine State society in Myanmar,” he concluded. (usa-im)

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