Jakarta, UIN NEWS Online – Social Trust Fund (STF) UIN Jakarta facilitating humanitarian assistance program for Myanmar people affected by conflict titled Humanitarian Assistance for Sustainable Community (HASCO) at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesian Republic, DKI Jakarta, Thursday 31/8/2017). The HASCO program initiated by Indonesian through the Indonesian Humanitarian Alliance for Myanmar (AKIM), where the STF is incorporated in it, under the coordination of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

STF UIN Jakarta participation through this program was to socialize and educate the public to see the conflict in Myanmar as a social conflict. This conflict caused a number of society stratum become victims which need international public assistance. Another action was facilitating society who want to donate for Myanmar people.

Thus was conveyed by the Director of STF UIN Jakarta, Amelia Fauzia Ph.D to UIN NEWS Online after signing the participation in Ministry of Foreign Affairs office. The signing was witnessed by Foreign Minister Retno LP Marsudi, Chairman of AKIM Ali Yusuf, and a number of representatives from 11 humanitarian social organizations of Indonesia under the alliance for Myanmar society.

According to Amelia, this participation was a reflection of UIN Jakarta academic institutions and community concerns over the long-drawn of humanitarian conflict in Myanmar. “We must see clearly the root and the adverse impact of the conflict on people from different social and ethnic backgrounds,” he said.

Myanmar’s conflict, she said, existed from a number of very complex factors. Economic backwardness that affects poverty and high unemployment, low literacy due to lack of access and quality of education, and poor health care were the three important factors of conflict in this region.

“This conflict raises friction. And it getting harder with the emergence of issues which intensified the social conflict situation happened there, “she added.

For facilitation, STF UIN Jakarta was opened for public who want to donate through the wallet of humanity. Donations can be sent through three bank accounts into account name Social Trust Fund UIN Jakarta, which are Bank Mandiri 164.0000.585440, Bank Syariah Mandiri 70.4126.2437, and Bank BNI 026.5536.255.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Minister appreciated the commitment of STF and various social community organizations in one AKIM name to participate in Myanmar humanitarian aid through HASCO Program. According to him, this program shows a good synergy between the people and the government in helping friendly citizens who are affected by conflict and need help.

“Indonesia is very concerned about the security situation and regrets the loss of life in Rakhine State,” he said.

On the other side, Yusuf said that HASCO Program as a form of commitment of Indonesian will be implemented over the next two years. The program aims to provide humanitarian assistance to Myanmar’s conflict-affected communities, particularly in Rakhine State. (usa-im)

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