Rectorate, UIN News Online – Social Trust Fund (STF) UIN Jakarta holds mudik (exodus) lebaran program for UIN Jakarta students who want to celebrate Iedul Fitr at their respective hometown.

In addition to Ciputat-Garut route for West Java mudik destinations, this program is also intended for students who want to go home to Central Java and East Java (Ciputat-Surabaya route).

STF UIN Jakarta publication noted that the departure of mudik participants is scheduled on Thursday, June 22, 2017. “STF UIN Jakarta is happy to provide free lebaran exodus facilities for the students who are homesick,” noted STF publication as quoted by UIN News Online, Wednesday, (6/21).

This activity will facilitate lebaran exodus for 66 UIN students. The details are 33 students of Ciputat-Garut route (Jakarta – Bogor – Puncak – Cianjur – Bandung – Subang – Garut) and 33 students of Ciputat – Surabaya  route (Jakarta – Tegal – Pemalang – Pekalongan – Semarang – Demak – Kudus – Pati – Lamongan -Gresik – Surabaya).

For students who interested with this program, STF applies quite unique requirements. Participants need to follow STF UIN Jakarta Instagram account and they need to share their photos during mudik lebaran with exciting captions with the theme of “Bertemu keluarga tercinta”. Registrants are also asked to tag to 10 friends with hashtag * #socialtrustfund and #stfmudikgratis. (usa)

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