Poso, UIN NEWS Online – Social Trust Fund (STF) UIN Jakarta social humanitarian institution again distributed peace scholarship assistance to 10 students in Poso District, Central Sulawesi. Assistance is given to strengthen the roots of social peace that have been built after communal conflicts struck the region some time ago.

The scholarship itself is given directly by the Director of STF UIN Jakarta, Dr. Amelia Fauzia, in Sangele Village, Pamona Pusulemba, Poso, Thursday (09/20/2018) to 10 students, five students each from Muslim and Christian communities.

Scholarships are given in the form of monthly tuition fees, contributions to construction costs, examination fees, uniform fees, books, and pocket money. To monitor its academic development, all scholarship recipients were taken care of by a group of Poso women school mothers.

Separately, to UIN News Online on Monday (09/24/2018) she said that peace scholarships were given in accordance with the vision of STF UIN Jakarta to place philanthropy as the key to creating social justice and peace. The last two things, she explained, are the prerequisites for the creation of progress and prosperity as a solution to suppress social divisions and conflicts.

“Therefore, efforts to strengthen the brotherhood of the people, strengthen the peace and appreciate the diversity, need to be manifested in daily life, one of which is through scholarships,” she explained.

Through scholarships, he explained, students, teachers, parents, social activists and the community interaction and strengthen togetherness even though they have diverse backgrounds. For STF itself, said Amelia, the peace scholarship is a manifestation of Islam which rahmatan lil-‘alamin.

Meanwhile, the selection of Poso itself was based on the community’s needs in the region to maintain the roots of peace after many years of involvement in communal conflicts. It is known that in 1998 and 2000, communal conflicts between Muslim and Christian communities broke out in the region.

Through the Malino Declaration; which was initiated by HM Jusuf Kalla (now, the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia), the two conflicting parties agreed to end the conflict while building harmony. STF as a humanitarian social institution UIN Jakarta plays an active role in maintaining harmony through peace scholarships.

“This area has indeed experienced social conflict, but actually has strong potential for peace. We believe that the brotherhood relationship through the STF scholarship will strengthen national brotherhood and inspire peace not only for Indonesia but for the world,” she explained. (usa)

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