Rectorate, UIN News Online – Social Trust Fund (STF) UIN Jakarta, in collaboration with the Faculty of Health Sciences (FIKES) UIN Jakarta distributes a hundred bottle of hand sanitizers and other medical supplies to all academic community of UIN Jakarta and its surrounding communities. This activity was carried out by STF UIN Jakarta to anticipate the spread of the COVID-19.

On Monday (03/23/2020), a number of STF UIN Jakarta volunteers distributed at least 200 bottles of handsanitizer. In addition to being distributed to security officers who were on duty, hundreds of bottles of hand sanitizer were also distributed to students in a number of dormitories (Ma’had) and surrounding communities. Previously, STF UIN Jakarta also distributed dozens of hand sanitizers in several places in the UIN Jakarta, such as security post, student dormitories, and PPG UIN Jakarta.

The distribution of free hand sanitizers is welcomed by many parties. Yubi Hamka, Commander of the UIN Jakarta Security Unit, for example, appreciated the efforts made by the STF. According to Yubi, this assistance is urgently needed by security officers who remain on duty as long as UIN Jakarta is closed for two weeks.

“Hopefully this assistance can help the officers who are currently carrying out their guard duties,” said Yubi.

For information, donation can be channelled through the UIN Jakarta Social Trust Fund bank account, BNI Account. No. 0349891614. (UIN Social Trust Fund Syarif Hidayatullah). Confirmation can be done via 0813-8055-9914. (usa/zm)

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