UIN Campus, UIN NEWS Online – UIN Jakarta’s Social Humanitarian or Social Trust Fund (STF) in collaboration with the Student Activity Unit (UKM) Ranita conducted a fundraising action for earthquake victims in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, on the UIN Jakarta campus on Friday (08/03/2018).

The fundraising action entitled “Dari Kami Untuk Lombok” was carried out from 1 August 2018 until the humanitarian mission in Lombok was completed. “We are still adjusting the humanitarian volunteer program in Lombok. So, as long as activities are still ongoing we are still raising funds, “said Tika Nurlita, Coordinator of Lombok Earthquake Fundraising.

According to Tika, humanitarian assistance by Ranita and STF is not only in the form of money but also in people. At least, he continued, there are two volunteers who will be sent to Lombok, Mujahidin (Faculty of Ushuluddin, semester 9) and Tia Apriliani (FITK, 9th semester student) The volunteer departure plan is scheduled for August 5-6 2018 until the humanitarian mission is complete or a maximum of 14 days after departure.

“Not only limited to the material, the volunteer team will also accompany earthquake victims in social psychology, because surely many children are traumatized by the incident,” he said.

Tika hopes that the fundraising action will lighten the burden on the victims of the Lombok earthquake and the assistance sent on target.

Similar expectations were also expressed by Dewi Maryam, STF Program Assistant. She said that the earthquake victims did not get stuck in sadness. The assistance sent by STF and Ranita will focus on long-term programs, such as improving education facilities and places of worship.

“For that we appeal to the citizens of the academic community of UIN Jakarta or anyone who can help our brothers and sisters who have been struck by the disaster in Lombok. Funding can be sent through the BNI Account Number 026.5536.255 To Social Trust Fund UIN Jakarta, “said Dewi.

For indormation, on Sunday (07/29/2018)  an earthquake 6.8 magnitude rocked Lombok and its surroundings. As a result, there were many fatalities and injuries and other physical damage. Thousands of survivors were forced to be evacuated to safe areas. (usa)

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