SPs, UIN News Online – The Graduate School (SPs) UIN Jakarta will organize the 2nd International Colloquium on Interdisciplinary Islamic Studies (ICIIS) on Thursday-Friday (11/07-08/2019), and will be held at the Graduate School of UIN Jakarta, South Tangerang, Indonesia.

Based on the release obtained by UIN News Online, (11/05/2019), the conference aims to provide opportunities for lecturers, researchers, observers, social and environmental activists and students from a variety of scientific disciplines especially those focused on interdisciplinary Islamic studies to share knowledge, scientific work and results findings of one’s research, aimed at making the proceedings and or articles to be published in publishers indexed by reputable indexers like Scopus.

In addition, this conference is also held to build networks and relationships that can encourage research efforts and collaborative projects in addressing related issues so as to contribute to policy makers and stake holders.

The conference itself will focus its discussion on theme “Moslem Societies and Social Transformation”, and covers 13 subthemes, namely Islam and History; Islam and Law; Islam and Education; Islam and Philosophy; Islam, Women and Gender; Islam and Economics; Islam, Media, and Information Technology; Islam and Quranic-Hadith Studies; Islam, Health, and Medicine, Religion and Sustainability; Islam and Science; Integration of Science or Islamization Knowledge; Islam and Preaching.

Moreover, the conference will invite a number of speakers; among them are Prof Takeshi Kohno (Toyo Eiwa University), Jeremy Kingsley (Seinburne University of Technology), Kevin W Fogg (Oxford University), Nacim Pak Shiraz (University of Edinburgh), and Fuad Jabali (UIN Jakarta). (usa)

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