Bogor, UIN NEWS Online – Graduate School (SPs) of UIN Jakarta held a Workshop on Acceleration of Study the Directorate of Islamic Higher Education Ministry of Religious Affairs for scholarship recipients in Bogor, West Java, on 27-28 April 2018. The workshop was attended by 42 participants, 26 doctoral students of class of 2015 and 16 students of master program class of 2017.

Present in the workshop, Director of SPs UIN Jakarta Masykuri Abdillah, Deputy Director Ahmad Rodoni, Head of SPs Masters Program JM Muslimin, Secretary of Masters Program Kamarusdiana, Head of SPs Doctoral Program Didin Saepuddin, and Secretary of Doctoral Program Usep Abdul Matin. While the main speaker delivered by Professor of Bogor Agricultural University Aida Vitayala S Hubeis.

According to Director of SPs UIN Jakarta Masykuri Abdillah, this event aims to facilitate the students in provide direct guidance on how to write a dissertation / thesis well in accordance with scientific principles and applicable standards in SPs UIN Jakarta.

In some experiences, he said, not a few students who have difficulty completing the final project. Besides to the high quality of writing standard applied in SPs UIN Jakarta Graduate, the students are not familiar with the research tradition.

“There are some students who write in the wrong Indonesian or lacking in presentation techniques that that does not comply with the standards of SPs UIN Jakarta,” he said.

He also hopes that the students can understand the techniques of doing research and technique of presenting the research result well and meeting the scientific standard.

Acceleration Study Workshop was given intensively to the students. Additionally, they will also get guidance from the mentors. (usa)

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