rdkspsSPs UIN Jakarta, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta Postgraduate school (SPs) held office meeting on Academic Affairs at UIN Jakarta SPs Building, Monday, (1/9). The meeting was officiated by the Director of SPs UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Masykuri Abdillah and attended by some Deputy Directors and their staff. The meeting also attended by the Head of Data Centre and Information Technology Division (Pustipanda) Dr Nasrul Hakiem, Sub-division Head of Academic Services Dra. Nuriyah Thahir, Sub-division Head of Academic Administration Dra Riniwati, and Sub-division Head of Academic Information Masruri SAg as keynote speakers.

Masykuri said that SPs UIN Jakarta is continuing to fix its lecturing system. As the educational organizer of Master and Doctoral degree, SPs UIN Jakarta is expected to produce high-quality graduates as well as being accepted by the community.

Nevertheless, he continued, some issues need to be refined, especially in the field of academic, such as the curriculum.

“During this 2016/2017 academic year, the compulsory subjects which originally consisted of 4 credits is now converted into three credits,” he said.

Moreover, he added, SPs UIN Jakarta had taken some new policies, such as the payment tuition relief for the student who exceeded their study time or completing the final task of his/her study.

“This relief is given so that the student does not over-burdened with the tuition fee,” said Masykuri.

As for the non-academic technical difficulties, such as the usage of Academic Information System (AIS), Masykuri expected that it would support new policy changes pursued by SPs UIN Jakarta. Furthermore, things related to registration issue in the academic affairs center can be adjusted with changes in the curriculum.

Nasrul Hakiem explained, to support UIN Jakarta learning system, Pustipanda will provide the best possible service associated with the networking and online mechanism.

“If there are any technical matters related to the curriculum and lecturing system, then we will adjust it with SPs UIN Jakarta,” said Nasrul.

The same thing also expressed by Riniwati. According to her, the academic affairs center will assist SPs in the new courses inputting process based on the request from SPs UIN Jakarta. The students who were still attending the class along with the changes in curriculum, still be able to attend the classes as long as permitted by SPs UIN Jakarta.

“We will adjust the changes in the curriculum and credit number for the student of master and doctoral programs accordingly with the decision from SPs UIN Jakarta,” said Rini. (usa)

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