SPs, UIN News Online – The Graduate School (SPs) UIN Jakarta handed over cash waqf titledTrustee Fund Harun Nasution to be managed by the Social Trust Fund (STF) UIN Jakarta. The cash waqf worth IDR 500 million and precious metal gold in the amount of IDR 36-40 million is expected to be managed productively for academic and educational financing.

The handover of waqf was carried out symbolically by the Director SPs UIN Jakarta Asep Saepudin Jahar to the Director STF UIN Jakarta Amelia Fauzia at the SPs Building, Monday (10/1/2022). Also present in the event, of Deputy Director of SPs UIN Jakarta Hamka Hasan, Department Head of SPs Arif Zamhari, and Secretary of STF UIN Jakarta Sri Hidayati.

In his remarks, Asep said that the waqf funds sourced from SPs UIN Jakarta would be more productive if they were handed over as cash waqf and entrusted to the STF UIN Jakarta. STF was chosen for its capacity as a humanitarian social institution at UIN Jakarta which is quite experienced in waqf management.

Asep also hopes that this waqf can be managed properly so that it can become a source of funding for the study and research of the UIN Jakarta academic community. In addition, the cash waqf named Trustee Fund Harun Nasution refers to an important figure in the history of the development of UIN Jakarta to this day,  namely Prof. Dr. Harun Nasution.

“Professor Harun Nasution is known as a persistent figure in developing the academic climate at UIN Jakarta. He also served as Chancellor of IAIN Syarif Hidayatullah (now, UIN Jakarta) and led the Graduate School at that time. He also succeeded in recruiting a large number of students to study at the world’s best universities such as McGill University.” said Asep.

In response, the Director of the STF UIN Jakarta Amelia Fayzia welcomed the waqf funds entrusted to the STF. “We will try our best to maintain this trust,” she said.

She also added that the Graduate School’s initiative to provide cash waqf funds to be managed as university academic funds is also expected to serve as an example for other parties. Various leading universities abroad such as Egypt’s al-Azhar University provide a lot of study and research funding assistance from public waqf.

Based on UIN News Online records, a number of cash waqf programs for academic activities have been entrusted to the STF UIN Jakarta. Among them are the Professor Azyumardi Azra Scholarship and the Professor Nabilah Lubis Scholarship for Arabic Studies.

The Professor Azyumardi Azra Scholarship (launched in 2019)  is a waqf program used to finance outstanding students conducting research on Islamic History and Philanthropy in the archipelago. Meanwhile, the Professor Nabilah Lubis Scholarship for Arabic Studies (launched in December, 2021) is directed at students who are conducting research on Arabic Language and Literature and Study of Manuscripts. (zm/usa)

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