SPs, UIN NEWS Online— International colloquium participant in Islamic studies SPs UIN Jakarta presented dozens of papers from their research on the second day of the activity, Wednesday (10/10/2018). In the panel session. they explained various environmental issues in Islamic studies they found in their research.

Based on UIN News Online observation, there were seven groups discussing seven participants’ research topics. Among them, Religious Doctrine and Sustainability, Scocial Cultural Movement and Sustainability, Religion and Sustainability, Institutions and Sustainability to the Nature, Gender and Sustainability, Politics and Sustainability,

In the first group, Religious Doctrines and Sustainability, the presenters presented research on environmental issues in a review of religious doctrine, both the Koran and the thoughts of jurists and commentators.

Among them, Usep Abdul Matin and Muhammad Muammar Ali presented research entitled The Concept of Environmental Corruption in the Perspectives of the Three Qur’anic Exegesis in Indonesia. Others, Lutfi Chakim, Ahmad Fauzan, and Abdul Aziz Dahlan presented Maqashid al-Syariah in Environmental Conservation: Yusuf Qardhawi’s Perspectives.

On the other side, the second group presents participants to present the results of their research on various environmental issues and the role of social and cultural movements in them. Ahmad Munjin and Amsal Bakhtiar who presented the paper Islam, Oligarchy, and Sustainability in Local Indonesia: A Case Study on Polluted Rivers in Banten Province.

While in group four, the panelists presented the results of their research institutions and their role in protecting the environment. Muhammad Khairul Huda and Fuad Thohari for example, they presented the role and contribution of NU in environmental maintenance through the paper entitled “The Role and Contribution of Nahdlatul Ulama on Environmental Sustainability Issues in Indonesia” (usa)

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