NICT, UIN News Online – IThe New Student Admission Selection (SPMB) Mandiri UIN Jakarta today, Monday (07/26/2021), went smoothly according to the plan. A total of 18,076 prospective students took the entrance exam to compete for the seats provided through this enrollment type.

Sub-division head of publication and documentary of UIN Jakarta, Samsudin said that there are 2000 seat offered by UIN Jakarta in its 56 study programs (Prodi). These 56 study programs are divided into IPA (natural science) program and IPS (social science) program.

The IPA program consists of science-based study programs. Among them, Mathematics Education, Biology Education, Physics Education, Chemistry Education at FITK.

Then Agribusiness, Informatics Engineering, Information Systems, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mining Engineering at FST. Followed by the Public Health, Pharmacy, and Nursing Study Programs at the Faculty of Health Science and the Medicine Education Study Program at the Faculty of Medicine.

Meanwhile, the IPS program consists of religious and social-based study programs. Religion-based study programs include PAI, PBA, PGMI, PIAUD at FITK; BSA, SPI, Tarjamah at FAH; Study of Qur’an and Tafsir, Study of Hadith, Sufism, and Study of Religionsat FU.

Meanwhile, social science-based program include Indonesian Language and Literature Education, English Language Education, Journalism, Management, Accounting, Psychology, and Political Science.

Based on UIN News Online observation, the selection process itself is carried out online by following strict health protocol. The participants carry out the exam using the Electronic Selection System or SSE.

SSE itself is designed as a application that allows participants to take part in the selection wherever they are. This is in accordance with the government’s health protocol in suppressing the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

One of the features of SSE is that participants can still be monitored through cameras installed on devices, both on Android-based smart phones and portable computers. The camera will automatically take pictures repeatedly during the exam, so that participants’ activities can be known through screenshots.

For information, the results of SPMB Mandiri SPMB will be announced on Thursday, August 5, 2021. While the class itself is scheduled to start in the first week of September. (usa/zm)

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