Rectorate, UIN NEWS Online – New admissions through the National Recruitment for State Universities (SNMPTN) officially closed on Tuesday (03/06/2018) yesterday. In the path enthusiasts enter UIN Jakarta reached 18.726 participants, spread across 25 Major (Study Program) offered.

According to the Head of Public Relations of UIN Jakarta Feni Arifiani MH, UIN Jakarta provides a total quota of at least 1107 seats for SNMPTN. The highest quota is in Psychology Study Program as much as 81 seats, while the lowest quota in Study Program of Mining with 14 seats. While the highest enthusiasts are in Management Program with the number of enthusiasts reaching 2.324 (48 seats) and the lowest enthusiasts are in Study Program of Mining as many as 157 participants (14 seats).

“Majors offered through the SNMPTN line are all general study programs and spread across 11 faculties. As for religious studies program, it is offered in Academic Achievement Academic Selection of State Islamic Religious University (SPAN PTKIN) followed by UIN, IAIN, and STAIN,” said Feni.

The 25 programs offered in SNMPTN are Accounting, English Language and Literature, Biology, Pharmacy, Physics, Economics and Development Studies, International Relations, Law Science, Nursing, Library Science, Political Science, Public Health Social Welfare, Chemistry, Management, Doctor Education, Mathematics, Chemistry Education, Mathematics Education, Psychology, Information System, Socio-Economic / Agribusiness, Sociology, Informatics Engineering, and Mining Engineering.

SNMPTN line is a selection of admission PTN based on the assessment of student report cards semester I-V. This line was opened since 21 February and closed on March 6, 2018. In this path, the applicant can choose as many as two PTN. When choosing two PTNs, one of the PTNs must be in the same province as the SMA / MA / SMK originally. But if you choose one PTN, applicants may choose PTN residing in any province. In addition to these provisions, applicants can also choose as many as three programs with the provision of one PTN maximum of only two study programs. The preferred sequence of PTN and Major states the priority of choice.

All incoming files will be selected by the central committee. While the announcement of the results will be made on April 17, 2018. (usa-rs)

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