Rectorate, UIN NEWS Online – Management Department at Faculty of Economics and Business UIN Jakarta experienced a significant increase in the acceptance of new students through the National recruitment enrollment type (SNMPTN) for academic year 2018/2019. Since the registration was closed on Tuesday (03/06/2018) then, the enthusiasts in this major reached 2,324 participants from 48 seats provided. While in the year 2017 and then, enthusiasts in this major only reached 1915 with 42 seats available.

This was conveyed by said the Sub-division Head of Publication and Documentation UIN Jakarta Feni Arifiani MH to UIN NEWS Online in his office, Monday (03/12/2018). Feni added that of the 25 study programs offered on the student achievement track, almost all of this year’s study program has increased in demand compared to last year. The increase occurred not only in terms of enthusiasts but also the number of seats provided.

In addition to the Management department, the highest increase in demand occurred in four other studies, namely Accounting rose from 1,124 participants (42 seats) to 1,293 participants (48 seats), Public Health rose from 858 participants (42 seats) to 1,073 participants (42 seats, Psychology up from 1,060 participants (70 seats) to 1,332 participants (81 seats), and Information Technology up from 864 (35 seats) to 1,158 participants (46 seats).

For SNMPTN, there is a provision that each participant may choose two PTN with three study programs. One PTN must be selected in the area of ​​origin of student schools, and one more state universities can be anywhere in the entire of Indonesia.

“The provisions do not apply to students who only choose one PTN only. The participants or students may choose in any PTN in all regions of Indonesia,” said Feni.

Based on the final recapitulation of the 2018 SNMPTN Central Committee , UIN Jakarta was selected as the first choice PTN as many as 12,305 participants. While as a second choice PTN there are a number of 6,421 participants. The total enthusiasts entering UIN Jakarta for 25 study programs reached 18,726 participants of the total 1,107 seats provided. There seems to be a considerable difference in the number of enthusiasts and the number of seats available at UIN Jakarta. (usa)

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