Main Auditorium, UIN News Online – Students from SMAN 73 Jakarta conducts study visit to UIN Jakarta, Wednesday, (09/19/2018). The group, led by their Vice Principal for Academic Affairs Nurihsani SPd and Vice Principal for Student Affairs Tati Sri Hermanti SPd, was welcomed by AAKK Bureau Chief of UIN Jakarta Drs Zaenal Arifin MPdI, accompanied by UIN Jakarta’s Academic Affairs Division Head Drs Edy Suandi.

Nurihsani in her remarks said this activity was held in order to introduce the students to the higher education environments. “Through this activity, we would like to introduce our students into university life, ranging from the faculties, study programs, as well as the academic activities,” she said.

In response, Zaenal Arrifin appreciates the visit and said that UIN Jakarta has a number of enrollment types for prospective students.

“There are five enrollment types, namely SNMPTN, SBMPTN, SPAN PTKIN, UM PTKIN, and Local Recruitment. SPAN PTKIN and UM PTKIN only offers religious study programs, while SNMPTN and SBMPTN offers general study programs. As for the Local Recruitment, is one enrollment system that is managed and organized by each university and offer all study programs, both religious and general study programs,” said Zaenal.

Based on UIN News Online observation, the participants were very enthusiastic in listening to the presentation delivered by the Bureau Chief and Academic Affairs Division Head of UIN Jakarta. Some students ask questions related to the faculties and departments, tuition, scholarships, dormitories and other facilities as a learning support instrument provided at UIN Jakarta. (usa)

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