Rectorate, UIN NEWS Online– The delegation, headed by Michael Cassidy was accompanied by the Chairman of the Institute for Research and Community Service Prof Dr M Arskal Salim GP MA, Head of Service for International Cooperation Rachmat Baihaky MA, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs from the Faculty of Da’wa and Communication Sciences Dr soeparto SAg MEd, representatives Prodi Engineering Informatics Faculty of Science and Technology Prodi Ferry and Chief Nursing Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Maulina Handayani.

During the meeting, Dede said UIN Jakarta wanted to follow the same business plan that has been discussed time UIN Jakarta delegation visited Canada some time ago (March ed.)

“UIN Jakarta has built cooperation with several European countries, including Germany and France. I hope Sheridan College will provide some sort of short courses to students in UIN Jakarta,” said Dede in his office.

Responding to the proposal Dede, Cassidy revealed that many immigrants who come to Sheridan include immigrants from Indonesia. As a form of cooperation, Sheridan visited the countries these immigrants to help upgrade the skill base for them.

“As the licensing of this program, Sheridan can provide certification and knowledge to the academic faculty UIN Jakarta,” said the year 2001 was a convert.

For the initial stage, said Cassidy, will start the cooperation in the field of nursing, informatics techniques, and journalism.

“We are in this field because according to fields that exist in Sheridan College,” he said.

Meanwhile, in order to strengthen the plan, Chief Rachmat PLKI Baihaky suggested to also hold a double degree program and sandwich program.

“The model is two plus two. Two years in UIN Jakarta and two years at Sheridan College, so they have two diplomas, “he said.

At the end of the meeting, Dede expressed his gratitude to the delegates at Sheridan College. Because, before the meeting, the delegates had been giving workshops to lecturers and students of UIN Jakarta in the space Diorama with the theme “Challenges in the 21st Century Skills and Essential Need to Compete in the 21st Century” held LP2M.

As a token of appreciation, Dede offered delegates the opportunity to become a preacher at the Friday at Masjid al-Jamiah at UIN Jakarta Student Center by using the Arabic or English.

Unknown, Sheridan College is an institution that came from Canada. They visited UIN Jakarta in order for milad ADIA/IAIN/ UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta 59th. In addition to meeting with the rector, they also visited the Faculty of Science and Technology, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and the Faculty of Adab and Humanities. (mf) Translated by: Ihsan/Safee

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